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Can You Install a New Garage Door on the Old Tracks?

Most common garage doors come with a guaranteed service of between 15 and 30 years. However, due to common depreciation, the expected lifespan is subject to change.

At that juncture, you have no choice but to change the old door to your garage. However, sometimes the door wears out before its tracks.

This then becomes a contested issue of whether you can use old rails with a brand-new door of a garage or not. Simply put, this is possible.

You can comfortably install a brand new door on the existing old tracks of a garage. However, doing this has its fair share of challenges such as incompatibility, reduced lifespan, as well as a compromised safety.

Our honest opinion is that you should consider replacing the door together with the tracks. This is because it comes with lots of benefits that you do not want to miss. 

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Why Using Old Tracks with a New Door Is Wrong

Installing a brand new door on the existing old tracks is possible but you should be prepared for challenges such as:

Compromised Safety

Existing old tracks may warp, or bulge because of common depreciation. When that happens, your safety and that of your loved ones is at risk since the door may come down crumbling on you. At this point, you may be left with injuries to treat, which would also leave a big dent in your financial muscle. Worse still, injuries may escalate to serious situations such as permanent disability or even loss of life. 

Risk of Losing Warranty

You will be risking disqualification from warranty benefits by using a new door together with the existing old tracks in the garage since most manufacturers insist on operating the new door together with their provided tracks. 

Reduced Lifespan

Since most companies sell garage doors, other accompanying components, and tracks as a package, you may experience incompatibility issues between them. With incompatibility comes accelerated depreciation and this means the door will never attain its intended span of service. 

Why You Should Replace the Existing Old Tracks

Instead of an old track, invest in a new one to enjoy these benefits:

Smooth Operation

As previously noted, almost all garage doors, openers, and tracks come as a package. The manufacturing specifications ensure these coordinate with each other for a seamless functioning. It therefore implies that operating new tracks with a new door will provide a seamless functionality of the garage, which improves quality of life. 

Aesthetic Appeal

In addition to being unsightly, old tracks reduce the curb appeal of your house, and this works against you when reselling the property. New tracks synchronize properly to a new door to achieve an appealing garage. 

Enhanced Safety and Security

New tracks are stronger and firmer. This implies that you can comfortably operate the door without stressing over safety. Apart from guaranteeing you enhanced safety, new tracks guarantee security for your homestead. With enhanced safety and security, comes more peace and quality living. 

Optimal Compatibility

During production, the manufacturer guarantees maximum alignment so that the tracks coordinate seamlessly with the door in terms of size, shape, and weight. This works by reducing wear and the screeching sound associated with old tracks. The ripple effect of this is the seamless functionality of the door, which is also aesthetically appealing. 

Extended Lifespan

New tracks reduce strain on the door, opener as well as other accompanying components. Reduced strain on the door implies an extended lifespan, which in turn translates to more financial prudence. Besides, new tracks take longer than old ones before they start wearing off. 

Warranty Protection

With the tracks provided by the manufacturer, you get to enjoy the full benefits of a warranty. The main benefit of a warranty is guaranteed free repair and maintenance within a specified period. With warranty protection comes financial prudence.  

Having said that it is not advisable to operate a new door together with the existing tracks of a garage, we now shift our focus on the critical role of a professional in the installation. With the right installation by a highly skilled and experienced professional, you can still operate the old tracks together with a brand-new door and enjoy some benefits like enhanced safety. However, the service span will be cut short by the inevitable drawbacks such as reduced service. In conclusion, buy new tracks together with a new door and contract the installation works to a professional to enjoy the full above-discussed benefits. 

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