Sliding Garage Doors: Are They Right For You?

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Sliding garage doors are without a doubt one of the most durable and efficient options for your garage. They’re simple, dependable doors you can have in your home for years to come. Here’s why they might be ideal for you:


These types of garage doors have tracks and sprinters on them to help it move. The door should have twin rollers at the bottom in order for it to open and close smoothly.

Slide-up Garage Doors

The sliding garage door with a slide-up design has a smooth movement and requires the least amount of physical effort. It can also be automated and remotely operated.

Side Sliding Garage Doors

A horizontal sliding garage door is another popular choice. If you don’t have a lot of overhead space in your garage, it’s an excellent option. Sliding side sectional garage doors are also ideal for individuals who have limited mobility and can’t bend easily.

By installing the sliding garage door, you can enjoy the opportunity of being free from the hassle of requiring extra overhead space in your garage door. Our team at APR Garage Doors is here to help you come to the best decision. Contact us today and get your free estimate!

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