Rusty Garage Door? Here’s Why

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While you can’t keep any metallic surface from rusting forever, by preventing water and salt damage, you can significantly lengthen the lifespan of your garage door. Water is a primary factor in causing garage doors to rust, but salt increases the rate at which this happens. So if you live where there’s a lot of salt in both the air and water, taking extra care to keep your door dry is essential.

Although it takes some effort, delaying the development of rust on your garage door by maintaining a good coat of paint and regularly oiling the joints is worth it. Rust is unfortunately quite common issue for homeowners, but there are ways to prevent it. Here are some other reasons why garage doors may rust:

Causes of Garage Door Rust

Environmental Factors Causes Rust

The location of your home will have a profound impact on how fast your garage door rusts. The salt in the air close to oceans will escalate the rusting process. If you live in an area with lots of ice, that too will cause your garage door to rust faster. And finally, homes located in humid or moist areas are also at an increased risk for rusty garage doors.

Door Quality

When your garage door rusts, it’s because the iron on the door has combined with oxygen to create iron-oxide. If you have a thinner or lighter door, it will corrode faster. To prevent this, get yourself a metal garage door that is resistant to corrosion.

Too Much Dirt In The Joints

If you don’t clean your doors, they’ll rust. Oiling the joints, dusting the door, and servicing the mechanism on a schedule will prevent it from rusting. If you can’t do it yourself or you’re out of town, hire us to clean your garage door for you.

Garage doors rust over time, but you can prevent it by taking specific measures. For example, ensure that you regularly clean your door and its mechanisms to stop dirt from accumulating and causing more rusting. If you’re based in New Jersey and are looking for assistance with maintaining or repairing your garage door, contact APR Garage Doors today!

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